Class Experiences

Do you remember that "one nice day" last week? We took a break to enjoy the sunshine. 

Diarmuid's "Oma" visited our classroom to share her story. We had been talking about storytelling.

We started our classroom debates at the end of March. This group was the first group to debate. Way to go 8C debaters!

Dr. Fred Kader, Holocaust survivor, spoke to the middle school students on March 28th. 

Mr. Kalkowski visited our class to talk about writing and publishing. 

History Fair, 2019

Scholarship Recipients

Catholic Schools Week, 2019

Freeze and Dance

Reading with a First-Grade Buddy

Pajama Day and Comfy Clothes Day

Break Time on Pajama Day

Trip to the Cathedral and Lunch at Valentino's

We eased into 2019 with a fun class period of Minute to Win It games!

Why not learn a little German language and culture? We become better at our own language when we learn about other languages. Pretzels, Spezi and Lebkuchen hearts. Ask your children about the story behind each. 

We learned about Rorschach tests which involve ink blots, so of course we had to make our own ink blots! 

We read Flowers for Algernon and did a maze of our own. AMAZING!!!

8C Homeroom is working on teamwork and leadership based on their "True Colors". They had to build a tower with the materials they had. The group with the tallest free-standing tower won a small prize.

Martyr Marathon 2018

Learning to Work Collaboratively

Homeroom Time