Class Experiences

German "Lebkuchen" Herzen 

Catholics Schools Week, Trip to the Cathedral

Catholic Schools Week - Read and Feed with First Grade

How-To Speech 

Ms. Oliver's Example How-To Speech, Origami Paper Cups

Research Papers at McDonald's

Playdoh Preposition Places

Team-building with Balloons

Working in teams of people who are the same "color" to build the tallest tower

Trying a Blindfolded Maze during Flowers for Algernon

Making Our Own Rorschach Tests

Martyr Marathon 2019

Puzzle Mania While Reading Flowers for Algernon

Popcorn and a Movie after Terra Nova

Recess During Terra Nova

A New Chair for our Room  - Thank You to the Anonymous Donor

A Blindfolded Dot-to-Dot with Flowers for Algernon

The Greasers and Socs were in the House

Greasers and Socs in the house!

Smilin' About Good Grades

Fly swatter Game

Brain Break

We each made a Schultüte! 

Welcome to Oliver Airlines

What is your personal mission statement?

Weaving a Web of Thankfulness