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Learning with Passion

Third quarter is almost over. I can hardly believe it! It won't be long until Confirmation and Graduation. We are working hard on a research paper and learning more about African-American Literature. Let's finish the year strong. 

It won't be long now! Yay!

Upcoming Events

Parent Teacher Conferences            February 13th from 4 pm - 7 pm 

                     Pizza Machine                                        February 14th 

                     No School                                               February 15th  and 18th

                     Spring Break                                          March 4th - 10th 


February 13th                                         Part 2 of Rough Draft Due 

February 15th                                         Part 3 of Rough Draft Due

February 19th                                         English Diagnostic Worksheet due

February 19th                                        Rough Draft of the Research Paper due

February 25th                                        Final Draft of paper to Mr. Harvey

Our Next Unit:

AFRican American Authors

A Variety of Genres

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