Ms. Oliver's Classes
Welcome to your 8th grade adventure!

Learning with Passion

We continue to learn together as a class. I'm amazed at what I learn from my students daily. We are currently working on debates, and we will be finished on Wednesday. Join us for a debate if you have time next week. It's energizing to me to hear things like "Who is your stakeholder? I'll do the rebuttal. I'll be the moderator." Our vocabulary is growing at the same time as we are! If your kids are debating more at home, just know they are practicing their skills. You have awesome kids!

Confirmation is May 13th, 14th and 15th. Please check your e-mail for updates from Mrs. Pestel

Some upcoming dates:
April 15th                                Deadline for submitting photos for the 8th grade video
April 17th                                8th grade t-shirts distributed; ice cream social

April 23rd, 24th and 26th      Rose theater drama day; Holocaust theme

May 2nd/3rd                          Ms. Oliver gone/Ms. Schilmoeller sub (My daughter is
                                                presenting at a conference at U of I. I get to watch my grandson.)
May 9th                                  6:30 pm 8A Confirmation Rehearsal
May 9th                                  8:00 pm 8B Confirmation Rehearsal
May 10th                                 Field Day/Last Mass for 8th graders
May 10th                                 6:30 pm 8C Confirmation Rehearsal
May 13th                                 6:30 pm 8A Confirmation
May 14th                                 6:30 pm 8B Confirmation
May 15th                                 6:30 pm 8C Confirmation
May 16th                                 Rotary Luncheon for students selective to represent SSM
                                  Students: Alyssa, Katherine, Caitlin, Emma and Max
May 16th                                 Last day of classes for 8th graders/Volleyball game against teachers
May 17th                                 9:00 am Graduation Breakfast
                                               5:00 pm Graduation

May 20th - 23rd Washington D.C. trip

Our Next Unit:

Native American Authors

A Variety of Genres

The Medicine Bag by Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve

Contacts for more information

Parish Office: (402) 896-9675
School Office: (402) 896-0754
Rel.Ed Office: (402) 896-5683
Youth Ministry: (402) 861-4509
Kidzone: (402) 896-4316

16701 "S" Street,
Omaha, NE 68135